Mercer County MOD Chain reaction presents: 

The 2020 Fall Art Competition Winners!!

Under 11 - Hand-drawn

"Leaf With Droplets" by Alena Thomas - 1st Place

My name is Alena Thomas. I am ten years old and am in 4th grade. I love to draw, dance, and sing. I also love to watch and play with babies and puppies. I wanted to dedicate this painting to all the babies who are sick or in danger of leaving this world too early. Thank you so much for this great opportunity to present my painting.


"Falling Leaves" by Kashvi Mishra - 2nd Place



Hello, my name is Kashvi. I am eight years old and I have been doing art since I was about four years old. I really like doing art, especially abstract paintings. I like gymnastics as well as reading books. The leaves were falling from a tree outside so that’s what I painted. Thank you very much for this award !! 

12-17 - Digital Art

"Weather Report" by Jacob Carminati - 1st Place




Subish Benjamin - 2nd Place

Hi! My name is Subish Benjamin, and I’m a junior at High School North this year. I originally drew this piece as a concept piece for an animation project I’m working on, but decided to enter it into the MOD Art Competition. I’m really glad to have been a part of this competition, and I’m grateful to have been able to support such a great cause in the process! 

12-17 - Hand-Drawn

"Golden Pitcher" by Sarayu Pabbisetty - 1st Place


I am Sarayu Pabbisetty, studying 7th Grade in Maus Middle School. I love Art, especially Shading and Painting. It has been a great interest for me since I was a little kid. I have been learning many different techniques for a few years now. I enjoy doing Artwork related to nature, modern, and antique designs. Art is my passion and something that I love to excel in.

"Green Views" by Julia Kundu - 2nd Place

12-17 - Photography

"Chain" by Charlotte Xu - 1st Place

Hi! My name is Charlotte, and I’m a junior at High School North. I’ve always enjoyed photography because it allows me to slow down and bring attention to seemingly insignificant things we may miss in our busy lives. This photo was taken on a particularly foggy morning at Millstone River Park a few years ago with my phone. The chain featured did not catch my eye immediately, but I was intrigued once I noticed its rusty links and the dreary aura saturating the surrounding trees created a perfect backdrop for the photo. Glad to be supporting a great cause!


"Windows" by Laura Liao - 2nd Place

Laura Liao is a senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North. She enjoys taking pictures for fun. This photo was taken in Coimbra, Portugal while on tour with the HSN orchestra. She wants to thank MOD for the opportunity to support their important cause!

18+ - Hand-Drawn

"Girl at Window" by Jocelyn Babitz - 1st Place

I’m currently a sophomore at Pratt and my major is fine arts with a concentration in drawing. I enjoy working in realism and making pieces that can be viewed from up close, or far away by playing with the amount of detail I put into a piece. I like for my pieces to be quite realistic but still have a handmade feel to them, and my favorite subject matter is figure drawings or portraits. Although I tend to work in a more realistic, traditional style I like my subject matter to be slightly untraditional in order to get people to question the meaning behind a piece. All my pieces don’t have one unanimous message or theme, but during COVID, I’ve been playing with the idea of mental health a bit, and ways one might feel in unsettling times.


18+ - Photography

"Bee" by Sharon Chapman - 1st Place

Sharon Chapman is the mother of three adult children who are graduates of West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North.  She is an amateur photographer who takes at least one picture every day and has done so since 2011.  Sharon is proud to support the Mercer March of Dimes and the important work that it does.

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