Our Officers

Nandita Gupta


Nandita is a junior at West Windsor- Plainsboro High School North. In her three years on the Chain, she has always strived to do more for the March of Dimes knowing that it may mean the difference for someone else and has the potential to bring them happiness. Although she knows that junior year may be considered the most rigorous in one's high school career, that will not stop her from doing the best she can possibly do to help out premature babies and their mothers, because the opportunity to make a positive impact on others' lives is one that she is incredibly grateful for. When she’s not helping out at the March of Dimes, you can find her in the courtroom at mock trial or running at the track. She also greatly enjoys learning about the wonders of human anatomy and finds medicine to be captivating. In her spare time, she's often seen catching up on Criminal Minds or curling up with a good book. She is beyond excited for what the upcoming year will hold and to help lead the Chain into a great year of success and fundraising as President!

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Parinita Nautiyal


Ishika Varma


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Pari is a Senior at High School North whose main goal is to make this year of March of Dimes unforgettable. Serving as the co-Vice President, Pari hopes to spread the message of March of Dimes by actively involving High School North to help fight for the health of all moms and babies. She strives to recruit dedicated members that love March of Dimes as much as she does. While doing this, she hopes to spread joy throughout the chain!

Hi, I’m Ishika, and I’m so excited to be serving as Co-Vice President this year! I am a rising junior at WW-P North and I have been on the chain since freshman year, but have worked with the March of Dimes since middle school. The reason I joined the chain was to be able to support the March of Dimes’ efforts to reduce preterm birth and maternal mortality rates, which affect so many babies, mothers, and families around the country. In my time outside of the chain, I love playing field hockey, testing vegan recipes, and spending time with my friends. I’m really looking forward to a great year and I’m excited to see what’s to come!

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Pihu Jain

March of Babies Chair

Pihu is a junior at High School North. A bright and cheerful person, she devotes her time to playing field hockey and reading whenever possible. As March For Babies Chair, she is excited to lead the effort in raising money to fight for the health of all moms and babies, and can’t wait to help the Mercer County Chain soar to new heights.

Edward Li

President of HS North

Hi, my name is Edward Li and I am serving as the President of High School North March of Dimes. I have been a part of the March of Dimes Chain Reaction Youth Council since my sophomore year, and it has truly been an amazing and rewarding experience. Not only has this past year taught me the value of raising money for a cause I am passionate about, but it has also taught me the importance of giving back to the community. Apart from March of Dimes, I am also a part of the tennis team and Student Council (serving as the Student Body Treasurer). As the North President, I hope to use my leadership experience and dedication to organize memorable and profitable events through fostering a healthy connection between the Chain and administration, while also spreading awareness about improving the health of mothers and infants throughout the nation. Thank you for this opportunity, and I am looking forward to a successful and memorable year!

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Aryan Avlash

President of HS South

Hello, I’m the High School South President for the March of Dimes Mercer Chain and this coming year will be my 2nd year on the chain. I am a sophomore. I volunteer to teach kids programming and I enjoy programming in general. I play basketball and have been for 5 years. I’ve been a drummer for 5 years. I volunteer at Mercer Street Friends almost every week for 6 hours.

Pravallika Palwai

President of Robbinsville High School

Pravallika Palwai is a junior at Robbinsville High School. She is serving as the Robbinsville High School President for the Mercer County Chain Reaction Youth Council. This will be her third year as a member of the Chain. As a member of the board, she hopes to motivate more people to join the cause and spread awareness to help mothers and babies around the world. Aside from the March of Dimes, she participates in Marching Band, Robotics, and Science Olympiad. She looks forward to a successful year with the Mercer County Chain Reaction Youth Council!

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Harshil Dinesha

Communication/Media Chair

Hi, my name is Harshil Dinesha. I am a sophomore at WWP High School South and I am a proud member of this chain reaction. I head the communication/media aspect of the chain. I make sure the word gets out and we are able to reach everyone in the community. I bring my enthusiasm and love for the cause of the chain and as the media chair makes sure the whole community feels this vibe. My goal is to help out the community to the best of my ability. This is my second year in the chain and I want to continue helping moms and babies through their battles! 

Rajesh Racharla


From a young age, Rajesh has assisted the chain by volunteering for many events. Through his efforts, Rajesh resonated well with the mission of the March of Dimes, which influenced him to join the chain. Over the past few years, Rajesh has raised thousands of dollars to help give every baby a fair chance at life. Rajesh looks forward to raising lots of funds this year and spreading awareness about prematurity in the community. 

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Vivek Panchagnula

Membership Recruiter

Vivek Panchagnula is a Senior at WWP Highschool North. He currently serves as the Membership Chair for the March of Dimes Chain Reaction Youth Council. He strives to fight for the health of moms and babies everywhere and serves to spread the message. If you don't find him working towards this goal, you can be sure that he is tinkering with some electronics, reading a book, or teaching programming! He is optimistic about the future and hopes that we can one day live in a world where every mom and baby can lead healthy lives!

Mahija Mogalipuvvu


 Sanjana Korpal

Special Events Coordinator 

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Sriya Jonnadula

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Pranav Boddapati


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Riya Parikh

Shreya Kasireddy

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Fathima Hasna

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Sia Chitnis

Aashreeth Amuda