Our Officers

Chaitanya Karimanasseri


Ajith Amba


Through his past 4 years leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies, the thought of even one baby being born premature or having died prematurely is what pushes Chaitanya above and beyond on the Mercer County March of Dimes Youth Council. Now a senior at WW-P High School North and President of the Council, Chaitanya hopes that the funds he raises together with his passionate team will help ease the lives of families across this nation. Besides the March of Dimes, Chaitanya loves helping fellow students perfect their own TED talks as part of his school’s TED-Ed Club, and can be seen laughing loads with the kids he tutors at the local Plainsboro Library. In his free time, you’ll find Chaitanya biking with his friends or nose-deep in a good book on his Kindle, so feel free to drop by for some recommendations on books that’ll change your outlook on life! That being said, Chaitanya is looking forward to an amazing last year ahead of him, and can’t wait to lead this Youth Council to new heights down the line!

If you are reading this, Ajith hopes you will have or already have healthy children; however, if your children are premature or have birth defects, Ajith hopes the funds he raises alongside his March of Dimes team can provide you and your family with the best medical care possible for your offspring. Ajith has been a part of the March of Dimes family for 4 years and is now currently the co-president of the Mercer County March of Dimes Chain. In school, Ajith has the pleasure and honor of serving as his Class’ President where he receives opportunities to meet new people. Outside of school, you may run into Ajith playing some Jazz guitar with his friends at a restaurant or literally run into him as he struggles to finish his workout runs in the morning. With that being said, Ajith is excited for the year to come as he is now a senior at High School North. He aspires to work with his co-president to leave the MOD Chain with a better fundraising year than ever before.

Maanasi Kondai

Vice President 

Maanasi is a senior Stuart Country Day School and is serving as the Vice President of the chain. Her active part on the chain has helped her build a strong connection with the March of Dimes and has really learned the impact it has made on her. She hopes to live her last year on the chain to the fullest and work with the rest of the chain to help create a difference for mothers and premature babies.

Saniya Mandloi

President of HS North

My name is Saniya Mandloi and I am serving as the President of High School North. In the past, I have served as the Mission Chair and the President of High School North as well. I am a senior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. I joined the chain because I wanted to help all moms and babies 

Parinita Nautiyal

President of HS North

Pari is a Junior at High School North whose main goal is to make this year of March of Dimes unforgettable. Serving as the co-President at North, Pari hopes to spread the message of March of Dimes by actively involving High School North to help fight for the health of all moms and babies. She strives to recruit dedicated members that love March of Dimes as much as she does. While doing this, she hopes to spread joy throughout the chain!

Vivek Panchagnula


Vivek Panchagnula is a science enthusiast, an avid pianist, and enjoys helping others. He is currently the treasurer of the March of Dimes chain reaction youth council, and a board member at Junior STEM. As treasurer, he is responsible for managing the finances of the chain, and ensuring targets are met at every event. 

Jhanvi Ganesh

Website Chair

Jhanvi is a senior at High School North and is honored to be serving as the Website Chair this year. She has been on the chain for four years now has previously served as the Communications Chair and the Membership Chair. She absolutely loves working with people to achieve a larger goal and this year she is determined to make sure that everyone works to their full potential. Jhanvi loves raising money and awareness to help mothers and babies across the world through the March of Dimes. In her free time, you can find her helping out on her robotics team or teaching young girls to code. This year on the chain, Jhanvi hopes to make a big impact by raising awareness and spreading love to families affected by prematurity and birth defects.

Nandita Gupta

March for Babies Chair

Nandita is a sophomore at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North and is serving as the March for Babies Chair for the Mercer County Chain Reaction Youth Council. She strives to do more for the March of Dimes knowing that it may mean the difference for someone else and has the potential to bring them happiness. As a member of the officer board, she hopes that she will be able to make March for Babies and all the Chain's events even more successful than they already are and motivate fellow members to contribute. When she’s not helping out at March of Dimes, you can find her debating or participating in track and field. She is extremely excited for the upcoming year and what it will hold and is interested in not only participating, but also being able to help lead the Chain!

Durgha Natrajan

Social Media Chair

Durgha is currently a senior at WWP High School North and is the serving as the Social Media Chair for the Council. She strives to spread the mission of the March of Dimes and increase awareness of our chain. Being a member for the past three years has given Durgha the opportunity to give back to this incredible organization and be a part of something greater than herself. She is excited for her final year on the Council and hopes to make a difference in the lives mothers and premature babies. 

Kanika Raman

Membership Chair

My name is Kanika Raman and I’m this year’s Membership Chair for the Mercer County March Of Dimes Chain. I’m a sophomore at High School North and I’m so excited to be this year's membership chair! I joined MOD during my freshman year of high school and I loved every minute of it, from going on sponsorship runs to helping set up the 5K that was held at North. The long hours and hard work spent on prepping for the events were worth it in the end and it was amazing to see the events run smoothly and successfully. As this year's membership chair, my goal is to attract as many new members to join the chain as possible so that they can enjoy working on the chain as much as I have. The friends and memories I’ve made on this chain are so special and I can’t wait for more to come! 

Maya Gunaselan

Mission Chair

Maya Gunaseelan is the Mission Chair of the Mercer County March of Dimes Chain Reaction Youth Council. She is currently a junior at WWP HS North. Although she finds many heartbreaking stories shared about prematurity as a mission chair, these stories motivate her to work harder and be a part of the effort that is reducing the number of families that experience prematurity and other birth defects. Moreover, she is also inspired by the stories of families that were touched by the help of March of Dimes. She is very excited about the upcoming year and is committed to working hard to fight for the health of all Moms and Babies.

Medha Mukundhan 

President of South Brunswick

Medha is a currently a senior at South Brunswick High School and fills the position of President of South Brunswick for the Mercer County March of Dimes Youth Council. After learning about the cause in detail two years ago, Medha was enthusiastic about joining the chain. She uses her outgoing spirit and her love for working with others to help make each event successful and wants to continue to do so this year. She wants to do everything she can this year to improve the health of moms and babies, as it is her last year. 

Ishika Varma


Ishika is a sophomore at High School North and is serving as the Secretary of the Mercer County March of Dimes Youth Council. This is her second year on the chain and she is excited to continue to work with the March of Dimes and give back to her community. Her goal is to spread awareness of the mission and keep the chain running as smoothly as possible. In her free time, you can find her playing field hockey, painting, or going on long runs with friends. She is looking forward to a successful and fulfilling year!

Mahija Mogalipuvvu

President of South

Rajesh Racharla

Newsletter Editor

Rajesh Racharla is the newsletter editor of the Mercer County March of Dimes Chain Reaction Youth Council. He specializes in the creation of graphics and marketing materials. From a young age, Rajesh has assisted the chain by volunteering for many events. Through his efforts, Rajesh resonated well with the mission of the March of Dimes, which influenced him to join the chain. Over the past few years, Rajesh has raised thousands of dollars to help give every baby a fair chance at life. Rajesh looks forward to raising lots of funds this year and spreading awareness about prematurity in the community. 

Srikavya Jangam 


Srikavya Jangam is a senior a high school north and the Chain's Historian. Srikavya has been very enthusiastic about the March of Dimes and its cause for the past 6 years and hopes to use her cheery spirit to garner more recognition to the cause.


Pravallika Palwai

Tej Patel

Kavya Velliangiri

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