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Halloween Art Competition 

We can't wait to see your awesome submissions!!

March of Dimes has been helping moms and babies for decades. This couldn't have happened without your support.  This year we are hosting the annual Halloween Art competition!! Kids of all ages can submit artworks and get a chance to win awesome prizes. Thank you for your support and hope you have fun!!! 

Good luck!!

The registration fee is $5

The deadline for submissions is

11:59 pm on 11/14/2020

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 places in each category.

While submitting please specify age and category for submission.

Categories for submissions are below:

Ages 3  - 12

Categories for submissions: Hand-drawn/ handmade only (any medium)

Ages 13-18

Categories for submissions: 1. Hand-drawn/ handmade only (any medium)

                                               2 . Computer-generated

Ages 18 +

Categories for submissions: 1. Hand-drawn/ handmade only (any medium)

                                                2. Computer-generated

                                                3. Photography

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